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Welcome to Lilly's Rose Garden,
a reference guide to help you select the most exceptional, famous or historically most meaningful roses for your rose garden.

We will help you choose the best roses among the various types of Old roses, historic and collector's roses, species roses and modern roses.
Baron Girod de l'Ain 1897
We will guide you through the different types of roses, trace back the history of Old roses to Modern Roses and explain why we believe a successful rose garden should include at least some representatives of each of the different rose types and famous Old Rose varieties.

We based our selection on the notes of Lilly Carocci Buzzi, who spent her life-time collecting roses from all over the world, developing tips to design and maintain a wonderful and scented rose garden, inspired by her visits to
Gallica Rose - Camaieux
Hybrid Tea - Chrysler Imperial
English Rose - L.D. Braithwaite
Damask Rose - Mme Hardy
rose gardens in the US and in Europe.

Our favorite rose types featured on this website include Old Garden Roses, Species Roses, such as Rugosa Roses, Classic Modern Roses and English Roses. Lilly's Rose Garden presents a unique mix of some of the most beautiful varieties of these roses. 
Classic Roses by Peter Beales


Classic Roses
by Peter Beales
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Born the daughter of an Italian Nobleman who was on a military mission in Bengasi (Libya) at the time of her birth, Lilly Carocci Buzi spent her early life traveling around the world.
Unless otherwise specified photos on this page © Alessandro Carocci Buzi and
Rose Photos by Alessandro Carocci Buzi photographed in Lilly's Rose Garden.
The Rose in the banner photo is 'Kordes Perfecta' (1957)
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Who was Lilly ?
Her love for roses started when she was an adolescent and on her many travels she collected the most wonderful roses and picked the most innovative ideas to design her own rose garden back home in the family estate in Rome, Italy.

We have decided to put her notes on-line in the hope that her favorite rose selection and memoirs may inspire you in planning and designing your own beautiful rose garden.
In Search of Lost Rose
byTthomas Christopher

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In Search of Lost Roses
Designing with Roses
Tony Lord

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