Modern Garden Roses
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Roses introduced after 1867 (some authors say 1920) are considered Modern Roses.

Floribunda roses are characterized by a abundant flower production in large clusters. They are generally hardier, more free flowering and displaying better disease resistance than the Hybrid Teas.

Floribundas were first developed by the firm of Poulsen in Denmark, with the idea to produce hardy roses suitable for the Scandinavian climate.

They were first known as Hybrid Polyanthas, until they were renamed Floribundas in 1950.

Some of the best Floribundas:

Europeana (de Ruiter, 1963)
English Miss (Cant, 1977)
Iceberg (Schneewittchen, Fee des Neiges) (Kordes, 1958)
Korresia (Fresia, Friesia, Sunsprite) (Kordes, 1977) , one of the best yellow Floribundas
Lavender Pinocchio (Boerner, 1948), the best among the lavender and mauve Floribundas
Victoriana (LeGrice, 1977), a Floribunda of most unusual coloring

Grandiflora & Climbing Grandiflora
Hybrid Kordesii
Hybrid Moyesii
Hybrid Musks

Hybrid Musk roses are the result of crosses between 'Trier' and certain Polyanthas and Noisettes by Pemberton.

Some famous Hybrid musks:

Hybrid Tea & Climbing Hybrid Tea
Large-Flowered Climber
Miniature & Climbing Miniature
Wichuraianas (Hybrid Wichurana)
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